Justify Your Trip


Justify Your Trip

Our goal is to help attendees come home with actionable insights that will help save organizations money almost immediately.

Below are just some of the ways you can justify attending The TRaD Works Forum.

1. Increase employee retention rates when hiring remote workers

Learn from curated panel discussions on ways hiring managers target, filter and recruit top talent for their remote workforces to increase retention rates. Our goal is that attendees will return to their organizations with new insights on how to identify and recruit top talent, while tracking and optimizing their remote recruiting process for years to come.

2. Increase employee productivity

You will hear from teams about how they support remote managers, create a culture of trust and transparency, hire top talent from anywhere, while leverage tools to keep people productive. All of these stories will have an underlying theme of how organizations track the productivity of their teams. Our goal is that attendees return to their organizations with a playbook on how to scale productivity across remote teams at their organizations.

3. Build a stronger culture

A remote workforce does not have to be a lonely or isolated workforce. You will learn how organizations bring remote employees into their company culture, the tools and tricks that keep employees engaged and the employee engagement surveys that organizations use to track remote worker engagement year over year.

4. Build a business case for remote work

Remote work equals a huge economic savings. From increased productivity, to lower employee turnover rates to a dramatic reduction in real estate costs and employee overhead costs. You will learn how large organizations have built a case for remote work and what got their leadership to invest in supporting structured remote work programs. You will also learn how these metrics were tracked, reported and optimized so you can effectively report the benefits of remote work on a balance sheet.

5. Stay ahead of the competition

The remote work journey is an evolving one and you will hear from leaders in the space with diverse perspectives on how remote work will impact the future of work. Staying on top of these trends and best practices will put your organization in a position to recruit top talent, stay agile as millennials become the majority in the workforce and continue to understand the evolving needs of remote teams.

6.  Workshop on scaling and optimizing remote work

We have partnered with remote work consultants who will help facilitate a tactical workshop to help attendees create a playbook on how to scale and optimize the remote work programs at their organizations. We want attendees to take home more than just pages of notes from great panelists. We want attendees to be able to put these insights into action as it relates to their personal situation. Our hope is that this will help organizations realize the economic benefits of remote work almost immediately.

We look forward to seeing you in June and if you have any questions about the forum, please contact Mike Gutman mgutman@flexjobs.com.